Cupid Dancing

Seduced by an angel, Dylan explores the new, erotic world unveiled since his awakening as Cupid.

In order to save the world from ruin he must seduce those that carry the divine spark. If he can find them. And at what cost? How far must he go? Who must be sacrificed?

Geraldine, his Dominion, trains him in the erotic arts to prepare him for the struggle against the Nephilim.

Will it be enough?

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Past Dark

A century ago humanity went to the stars and discovered an enemy out of our nightmares.

Brock Marsden, private detective and member of the Moreau Society, fights to find a way back to rescue friends trapped in a time he wanted to forget. A time before the ancient races known as the Galactics gave humanity the Moreau Pods. A time before he was enhanced with the DNA and abilities of other species.

Trapped in the past, faced with a deadly enemy, Muriel Reinhard fights to get home to the future she remembers and the man she loves. Accompanied by the agency’s intern, Dyami of Eyota, Muriel looks for a way out of history’s path.

The crew of the Terran Expedition ship Australia went to Cyeechie to explore and discovered instead betrayal, death and the start of a war that would change humanity’s future.

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Release date: June 12th, 2015

Cupid Awakening

An erotic journey of discovery.

As a fine artist Dylan thought he knew everything about the human form, about finding the inner beauty within each of the people that modeled for him.

Until Geraldine shows up and becomes his new muse, helping him awaken his divine gift and discover his true self. His true purpose.

Dylan thought he painted the inner beauty in his models — the truth? A divine, erotic miracle!

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Collected Stories of 2009

It was 2009. That was the year everything changed for me. Major life changes, career changes, and seismic shifts in the publishing landscape. This was the year when I “got serious” about my writing – not that I hadn’t been studying and learning for many years before, but this was the turning point.

This collection pulls together the stories published or written in 2009, including:

  • “The Copyleft Heart” feeling the effects of copyright on love…
  • “Commuter” capturing a cyclist’s fear…
  • “So Little Time” exploring loved realized too late…
  • “Space Monkeys” connecting a father and son…
  • “Dreamstone” bringing nightmares to life…
  • “The Good Samaritan” giving an urban legend new turn…
  • “Eetees” crashing aliens into a small town…
  • “This Book is Haunted” touching on the enduring love of stories…
  • “Witness to Dust” exploring new shape-shifters…
  • “Quantum Uncertainty” uncovering the consequences of new technology…

Ten stories, and a sample from Dark Matters, the first book in my Moreau Society series, for your enjoyment.

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Trow Forge

A college student. A natural born runner. A fierce upcoming competitor among ultra-runners. The goblin king’s chosen messenger, gifted with the ability to navigate the shifting goblin alleys.

Dalton Hicks lives an uncommon life, turned upside down by an assassination attempt on his life.

A shape-shifter, fox spirit. Ghost rescuer. Specializes in obtaining the unobtainable. Skilled with knives. Protective of her freedom.

Mingmei lives between two worlds, ours and the faerie world. Recovering a rare artifact, she struggles to evade pursuers.

A veteran. An artist able to envision landscapes untouched by man. Isolated and alone among those he fought to protect.

Ben Hyland finds new purpose in protecting the faerie world from potential destruction.

The paths of these three intersect in a new novel of fantasy, of wonder and darkness, joy and fear. The world of Goblin Alley lies just ahead, connecting every city on the planet.

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The Eleven Lords

Plunge into Goblin Alley, a world wide web of magic, wealth and danger linking every city around the planet to the goblin city Goblinus.

Dalton Hicks, about to start college, meant to leave the goblin alleys behind and live a normal life safe from the powerful forces that nearly killed him the last time.

Burning for revenge over the loss of the Bloodied Fang, the Erlking, ruler of the sylvans, orders a special assassin to remove Dalton before the Goblin King calls on him again.

Dalton’s escape from the goblin alleys proves short-lived. He returns to Goblinus alone, unaided by Mingmei, the shape-shifting fox girl that helped him last time.

Summons from the Goblin King disrupts Mingmei’s own life when he orders her to find Dalton Hicks and help him complete a mission to the Eleven Lords of the Goblinus council.

Hunted by an ancient evil, Dalton faces his greatest race yet!

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The Bloodied Fang

Plunge into Goblin Alley, a world wide web of magic, wealth and danger linking every city around the planet to the goblin city Goblinus.

Dalton Hicks, senior in high school and star cross country runner, dreamed of the President’s national championship in New York. How many guys from Olympia got to go to a race like this? Even perfect moments have a way of going wrong.

Trouble starts for Dalton when monsters chase him down a New York alley and out into the goblin city — where the Goblin King puts a price on his head.

 Aided by Mingmei, a fox shape shifter, Dalton seeks his only chance at escape – steal a magical artifact back from the fairies for the Goblin King. Caught between powerful forces, Dalton finds himself in the race of his life across two worlds!

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Past Lives

For centuries humanity wondered, are we alone?

The answer: No. Not even close.

Born of younger stars, humanity belongs to the Rim worlds. The ancient races known as the Galactics inhabit the core of the galaxy and from time to time share pieces of their technology.

The Moreau Society, on the watery planet Olinda, attracts individuals who combine alien DNA into their own, making themselves stronger, more beautiful, or to gain new abilities.

Brock Marsden, private detective and member of the Moreau Society, enhanced with the DNA of other species. Now he faces his toughest case — to rescue friends trapped in a past he wanted to forget!

For Muriel Reinhard, trapped in the past with Dyami of Eyota, the way home looks lost. Caught at the crux of history, will their efforts to get home destroy the future they remember!

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The Gingerbread House

A killer holds an entire planet hostage!

Brock Marsden — private detective, mutant by-choice with extraordinary abilities.

Using alien technology, members of the Moreau Society willingly alter their DNA — incorporating the best traits of other species for pleasure or profit. Only now a member goes rogue, perverting the technology to murder-by-mutation at a distance.

Brock races to save his world before the killer triggers his weapon!

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Dark Matters

In the far future humanity spreads throughout the galaxy and we are not alone. Hundreds of other intelligent species live throughout the Rim worlds, while in the heart of the galaxy live the Galactics. Ancient, incredibly advanced and intelligent, their technology makes the impossible, possible.

Brock Marsden, private detective and member of the Moreau Society. He uses Galactic technology to incorporate the best traits of other species into his genetic makeup, in order to become a better detective and solve the toughest cases.

Like this one. The daughter of a prominent banker killed and mutilated. Brock needs all of his unique abilities, and the help of his new partner, to track down the killer.

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Killing Dead Things

Ravyn Washington grew up and woke dead things. A witch, like her grandmother and a target for the Inquisition.

In high school she feared the Inquisition discovering her secret and burning her – surgically and chemically frying her brain to remove her abilities the way they did with her grandmother.

In college her abilities became a living nightmare that threatened her friends and exposed her to the Inquisition.

They didn’t burn her, they recruited her. And now they want her back.

In Bramson Bay, Oregon, dead things stir and Ravyn must put them down.

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Dreaming Dead Things

Dead things in high school? Bad. At college? Deadly!

Ravyn Washington’s secret? She wakes dead things. If the Inquisition finds out she could burn. She thought she left that all behind her after high school. Not quite. Haunted in her dreams, Ravyn’s curse spreads to her friends when their dream research project turns into a nightmare.

Not safe awake. Not safe asleep!

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